The Minor in Professional Writing provides students, regardless of their major, with training as writing specialists in many professional areas, including business and technical writing. The following course descriptions provide links to a number of course websites where you find descriptions of our projects and work-in-progress.

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Composition Stage I

English 212 is intended to help students produce clear, concise, logically organized essays and reports. Emphasis is placed on purpose, thesis, organization, and development. A book report on an assigned non-fiction work is a required assignment in this course. All sections of English 212 have a common final exam worth 20% of the course grade.

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Composition Stage II

English 213 develops further the writing skills acquired in English 212. Its main purpose is to familiarize students with the process and techniques necessary for preparing research papers and academic reports. Assignments include practice in summarizing and paraphrasing, critiquing ideas and information, and synthesizing, citing, and documenting multiple sources. A library orientation is a required part of this course.

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Writing for Diverse Audiences

English 216 examines the ways that information is presented to different audiences through writing and the interaction of texts and images. Assignments include analysis of informational and persuasive strategies in model discourses for form, content, style, and design, and the application of such techniques to developing and producing documents.

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Technical Writing

ENGL 395, Technical Writing, will familiarize students with the discourse practices prized in their disciplinary and institutional communities--and help them to manage those practices effectively in their own written work. In this way the course teaches those writing strategies and tactics that they will need in order to write successfully on the job.

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Advanced Composition and Professional Writing

English 396 is intended for students already in control of the essentials of composition who wish to develop their ability to write effectively for business and professional purposes through an increased awareness of audience, command of purpose, and control of style. Critiquing, revision, and editing in collaborative workshops are integral parts of this course.

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Business Writing Remix

ENGL 397, Business Writing, serves students who are studying and preparing for professional careers. This advanced writing course helps them to manage business communication effectively by combining traditional writing projects with multimedia formats. In this way, the course remixes standard business writing with twenty-first century digital culture, emphasizing writing strategies and digital technologies those students will need in order to be successful on the job.

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Montréalités invites newcomers and savvy Montrealers to meet and explore life.

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Presenting professional writing portfolios from Concordia University, Montreal QC.

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Portfolio-Remix Help

Follow the link to our Portfolio-Remix Help website where you will find portfolio design tutorials.

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