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CC stands for the two essential web 2.0 tools necessary to create ethical and innovative digital projects, Creative Commons licensing and Cloud Computing. First, you can avoid using copyright protected material on your website or for your digital course materials by selecting re-usable materials licensed under Creative Commons (CC). The following video, music, image, text, and general search websites will provide just this type of material. Second, I've included a number of links to cloud computing tools and websites that offer advice, ideas and examples for designing digital projects

Copyright Help
Center for Social Media -provides good advice
US Copyright Office -library of Congress explains copyright basics
Creative Commons Commoners -discussion forum
Crash Course Fair Use - online game Fair Use gaming
Recut, Reframe, Recycle - the Center for Social Media explains remix
Fair Use Analysis Tool U of Minnesota - online copyright checklist

Canadian Copyright Laws and Guidelines 
Corncordia University Copyright Guidelines
Copyright Comparison US versus Canada

General Searches

Google Advanced Search - allows you to search according to usage rights and filter for material that is free to use
Wikimedia Commons - Wikimedia projects CC files.
Archive - using the "Wayback Machine" as a means for seeing old pages on the net, including a huge collection of free-to-use recordings and texts.
Free Media Goo - free images, audio, texture and flash
Search CC - searchable library of CC-licensed audio and video.
Freebase -search engine to find CC licensed work
Yahoo Creative Commons Search - CC Yahoo search
Spin Xpress - video, audio, and images with various versions of the CC license
Image Links from Creative Commons - numerous links to CC databases of images
Flickr Advanced Search - allows you to search for CC licensed images and videos
NASA Image Archive  - many non-copyrighted government images related to space flight, astronomy, and aeronautics 
US Government - public domain photos and images
Open Clip Art- an archive of free-to-use clipart
Photo Everywhere - offers stock images for everyone's use
Every Stock Photo  - indexes CC images
Yotophoto - indexes photos in the public domain and free-to-use license
Deviant Art  - a site for artists to display their works with an option for CC
Audio links from Creative Commons - links for CC audio resources
CCMixter - CC licensed audio
Jamendo -free albums for downloading
Pod Show - CC licensed mp3s
Pod Safe Audio - CC-licensed music for use in podcasts and video
Sound Click -  free MP3s  
The Free Sound Project -  CC licensed sound effects files
Free Sound - a collaborative database of CC licensed sounds
Artist Server-  download MP3s of smaller bands    

Video links from Creative Commons - links for CC videos - allows video makers to assign multiple types of licenses to their content and users can search CC
Lulu.TV -  CC licensed site with embeddable videos
Open-Source Movies - Public Domain and CC-Licensed movies from the Internet Archive project
Public Domain Flicks  -movies that have entered into the Public Domain
Our Media  - a video service run by Archive, allowing users to host their videos under the CC license
AV Geeks  -the A/V Geeks Film Archive is a film collection, featuring civil defense & public service films shot by the government in the 40's & 50's
Revver  - an all CC video upload site similar to YouTube

Text Links from Creative Commons- links for CC texts
Project Gutenberg for Public Domain eBooks - useful for creating a narrative
Intra Text - a site featuring CC texts from 900 B.C.  
Travelers Point - a wiki for travelers with a large collection of CC licensed material

Cloud Computing Tools

License and Release Forms

Creative Commons License - apply for a CC license for your work 

Talent Release -pdf form for printing and signing 



WidgetBox - has a number of free widgets and widget-making tools

Video Screencasting Tools and Hosting

Jing - free software for making video tutorials or screencasts.

Screencast - free hosting service for Jing screencasts

Screentoaster- online video screencast maker

Animoto- online tool for making videos


PDF Hosting and Word Clouds

Scribd -pdf document free online hosting

Wordle -creates text cloud banner and images


Online Image Tools & Hosting

Flickr - online image hosting

Resize It - free online image resize and cropping

Picnik - online image editing

Mashable - list of 12 best online image editors


Slide Shows & Presentations 

Slide - slideshow hosting

Prezi- online presentation cloud computing

Slideshare - online host for PowerPoint presentations


Video Tools & Hosting

Youtube - free video hosting

Youtube- video editor

JayCut- free online video editor

Gorrila Spot- online video editor that includes commercial film clips

Kaltura- online hosting and video editing--free trial, includes 10gb no time limit.

Vimeo - video hosting

Clipnabber - cloud tool for downloading video clips

KeepVid - cloud tool for downloading video clips

Media-Convert - cloud tool for converting video files

Animoto - cloud tool for creating free 30-second video clips


Online Note Taking & Sharing

Zoho Notebook -sophisticated online note application

Evernote  -online note taking applications
Delicious- social bookmarking
Diigo -online bookmarking & sharing tool
Notefish -online note taking application
Luminotes  -a personal wiki notebook

Chart & Graph Builders

Online Graphs and Charts- free online chart builder
Online Charts Builder - free online chart builder
Create Free Online Charts -free online chart builder


Cartoon Tools
Pixton--Comic Creator --premier comic maker 
Mainada -comic sketch --artsy-sketchy comic maker
Hero Maker - free online comic hero maker
Toondoo -comic strip creator
Strip Creator - comic strip creator
Super Lame - add speech balloons to your images
Strip Generator -comic strip creator


Online Digital Document Tools & Hosting

Google Docs -document sharing, discussion forum and hosting

Wikispaces -document sharing, discussion forum and hosting

Voice Thread - free document/video/image sharing discussion forum


Online Form, Survey and Schedule Generators and Hosting

Survey Monkey- generates and hosts online surveys

Poll Daddy- generates surveys and rating widgets

Doodle- generates schedule surveys
pForm- generates web forms/surveys
EmailMeForm- generates numerous types of html forms


Movable Type CSS Help
CSS StyleSheet MT4 Professional Black
CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Tutorial
W3C Cascading Style Sheets
W3C CSS Validation Services

    { ...: ... !important; }

Website Design 

Color Schemer -online tool for developing website color palettes
BlueBlots- links to 20 online free color generator tools
BlueBlots- links to 20 best photoshop gradient color sets
The Hex Hub- more than 1000 html codes for color
Color of My Sound- online gaming sound of colors
Color Wheel - online tool for selecting colors
Code Style- online source for selecting cross-platform fonts
Web Source Basic HTML - basic tags for coding web pages
HTML Code Tutorial - provides depth
Embedded Media HTML Generator -  code generator for media


Additional ideas and examples for uses:

English 202C Sparky Awards Website -Sparky Awards project example
Ohio State's Digital Story Telling  -project examples
What is Digital Storytelling? -project advice
Center for Digital Storytelling -what is digital storytelling

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